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Ke$ha Feat. B.O.B – Blow (Remix)

Posted 05/17/2011 by Tru in New Music

A rather boring remix to a half decent song. At least they have the lively B.O.B to liven things up.

However, this “recreation” may feel very cheap as B.O.B only lends a couple of words in the beginning then we are back to the original Ke$ha – Blow. Seriously, how do record companies get away with calling these a remix when someone pretty much coughs on a track and they re-release it. Gahh…Still half a decent song because of the beat. I especially enjoy the chorus where they meld Ke$ha vocals to make you light up the dance floor.

Could have been better but too bad the owners wanted to play it safe…or lazy. Which one are you leaning towards?


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