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Dru Hill – How Deep Is Your Love (TT)

Posted 05/17/2012 by Tru in Music Videos

Dru Hill! Where have you disappeared to?

You along with other old school groups are dearly missed. The only hope we have right now is the Tank, Ginuwine and Tyrese group (TGT).

But back to Dru Hill. When How Deep Is Your Love exploded on to the music scene it made an impression on the US chart (number 1 on the US Hip Hop / R&B charts.) Playing hand in hand with the Rush Hour movie, this track totally won me over as a Dru Hill fan.

Even if this song wasn’t on a major movie soundtrack the quality of this track would have launched this single on to the music charts.

Dru Hill is still around in one form or another but the momentum has slowed but here’s hoping they come back! In the meantime, if you wanted to check out new music that is close to their style I would have to say Rock City at best. Sad but there aren’t that many male groups around anymore.

Dru Hill – How Deep Is Your Love


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