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Beyonce Billboard 2011 Performance

Posted 05/24/2011 by Tru in Features

Lazer! Flash! Ball! Dance! What an amazing performance by the Queen B. If you didn’t catch Beyonce’s little dance show at the Billboard 2011 awards then shame on you! Now is the time to redeem yourself. Hit the jump to check out it out.

Excellent choreography. The interaction between the graphical segments is genius. Here’s an example of a hard working artist who wants to stay on top. *Round of applause.

Side note – Sorta reminds me of the NSync performance a couple of years before.


Looks like the Beyonce team may have creatively ‘borrowed’ some ideas from a lovely Italian singer, Lorella Cuccarini. It wasn’t even that far back (Lorella performed in 2010). Yikes! Still a good performance B! Is it so bad that Beyonce’s production/design company reused the same creative performance for another artist? That’s right, SAME company!

Lorella Cuccarini

Lorella Cuccarini


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