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Hey, how’s it going?

First off, you rock because you stopped by to know a little bit about Channel Tru.

Channel Tru is my way in sharing all the great music that’s been popping up and out of the hip hop, r&b and slow jam music scene.

I don’t have a hate on for the big music scene but I do have a hate on for the limited exposure some artists get.

Radio stations, music channels and online streaming machines are great but how many times have you heard the same artist blasting their new single when their last single was just released a few weeks ago?

Too often in my opinion, but that is what makes the money! But what about the ones sleeping in their cars before heading to their next gig? They don’t get much mainstream love because they are risky and no big company wants too much risk.

That’s what I am here for. To promote good music. To recognise good music even if they aren’t from a rap superstar or r&b heart throb. I can’t do it alone but I can definitely start.

Are you with me?


How my friends would describe me as…

Snobby, obsessive and crazy.

Not what you think. I’m not talking about making friends but for the love of music.

Here’s what I mean.

Obsessive – I am obsessed about music. So much that people call me an addict. Rarely will you ever see me without headphones or near speakers that blast out the soundtrack of my life. The best part is that I am willing to share.

Snobby – When someone asks me what I listen to I won’t say everything…because I don’t. I hate it when people say they listen to everything because they are liars. There’s always music we fall back on and mine is hip hop, r&b and slow jams. I have a mistress in trance/house but my true love is the former.

Crazy – I seek, scout and hunt for new music around the clock. It keeps me busy and out of trouble but not only that, I have this crazy idea that I can change the way people discover music…and Channel Tru is where it begins.


Hit me up if you have any ideas or want to help.